How To: Use a holey marver to lampwork consistent glass beads

Use a holey marver to lampwork consistent glass beads

Watch this instructional lampworking video to use a holey marver for making strings of glass beads using a lampwork torch and an electric mandel spinner. A marver is a tool used in glassblowing. It generally is made of a polished steel surface and is used to shape molten glass. A warm piece of glass is rolled on the marver, for two reasons: controlling temperature and adjusting shape. Because the glass comes in direct contact with the steel, it must be kept very clean. A holey is usually rubbed with steel wool and then wiped with rubbing alcohol to keep it from rusting. The holey marver is a hand held marver with several holes for making glass jewelry such as beads and buttons. Use holey marvers to get consisent round lampwork beads.

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