How To: Cut glass with a glass cutter

Cut glass with a glass cutter

Looking to get some glass cut? Instead of taking it down to your local glass cutter and shelling out some cash, why not learn to do it yourself? In this video, learn how to cut glass using a "glass cutter".

Why is "glass cutter" in quotes, you ask? ...Because the "glass cutter" does not actually cut through the glass, it just acts to scratch or "score" it, so it should be called either a "glass scratcher/scorer" or a "tool of glass cutting".

The score is then used to actually break or snap the glass along this line (or even curves are possible). Technically you try to "bend" both sides along the score downward to "open" (not compress) the crack to the back side of the glass.

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how to you crush glass marbels. and where can i buy glass for projects!!

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